Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rummage Sale : Baby Rattles


While clearing up stuff, I found these ~ Baby Rattles!!
Design : bell and fishes

Selling Price : RM5 for 2 rattles - excludes postage and delivery

Rummage Sale : DIY Turtle

A great toy to have.  My boy spends hours dismantling and fixing up this little turtle.  
Great for fine motor skill training.
A word of caution :  NOT SUITABLE for very young kids.  The parts are small.

Selling Price : RM5 - excludes postage & delivery

Rummage Sale : Tonka Chuck the Truck

By Hasbro, this is Tonka Chuck the Dump Truck.
Press the orange head lights on top and you get lights and sound.
In excellent working condition.

Product description here.

Selling Price :  RM15 - excludes postage & delivery.
Batteries not included.

Rummage Sale : Korall Baby Fish Mobile by IKEA


I think this is already cut off from IKEA's range.  Bought it and again not used as we didnt get any baby cot thus not able to hang it up.

Still in good condition without any stains.

Selling price : RM10 - excludes postage and delivery [SOLD]

Rummage Sale : Sassy Sunshine Caterpillar Car Mobile


This has kept my boy seated occupied in his car seat without any fuss!  Sad to say that my 2nd boy didnt like being strapped up in a car seat thus didnt get to enjoy this sunshine mobile to the max.

There's the butterfly, body contains tiny bead balls that makes sound when rattled.

A turtle with a mirror body.  
Kids just love looking at themselves dont they when they are a baby.

A snail with a muffle sound when rattled.

The sunshine holder has a suction cup to attached to car window.  The caterpillar wraps around 
the sunshine and has the dangling butterfly, turtle and snail attached with velcro 

While snapping the photo, noted that the sunshine face has a slight stain.  Other than that, the rest are all in good condition.

Selling price : RM15 - excludes postage & delivery